This image reminds me of my childhood, specifically discovering my passion for fresh food, herbs and cooking wiyh my Mom. My parents always had a garden in our backyard it was at least 2 1/2 times the size of the one in the picture, and about a 1/2 mile from the house they had community space they bought into and had an huge garden space. Anything they didn’t grow themselves we would go regularly to other local farms and gather what we wanted. The herb I was most fond of then es the peppermint, it grew like crazy and he an amazing smell, since I always requested it I was soon given the task of going to gather the herbs and care for them. Peppermint was my favorite to add to iced tea and on it’s own for hot tea. Very soon after I began to develop an interest in anything else I coild do with it since it grew so quickly and we had so much, so I started using it for baths and skin masks. Bet you can see where this is going. I also loved to witness the many ceations my Mom would concoct with all the fresh vegetables and fruits until I just had to be involved in cooking with her. By the time I was 8 I could prepare a complete meal for the entire family of 5, imageof course with Mom nearby ensuring all was well. To this day I have a passion for herbs, fresh vegetables, skincare and cooking, it was a passion placed in my heart very early and it burns to this day. Now it’s apart of my career. I hope hope to share and inspire regarding my passions here on my blog.



This is a compilation of lists that express my likes, learned and wishes that I can reflect on, change, add to and use to encourage others to explore their own purpose! Write lists of your own.

things I like: worship, giving, family, learning more about herbs, cooking, creating vegan recipes, working out, skincare remides

things I’ve learned: about Gods purpose for my life, walking in Gods grace, more about herbs, health and wellness, healthy lifestyle

wishes: family growth, spiritual growth, business growth, good health, more and more Hapiness

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I’m Medical Esthetician Melinda Woodhouse. I specialize in clinical and cosmetic skin care utilizing both cosmeceuticals and natural and organic herbs. I treat all things skin except cancer. I’ve worked and trained with Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons for many years treating acne, eczema, psoriasis, hyperpigmentation and ┬ádiscoloration disorders, scars (surgical scars, acne scars and others), stretchmark, skin growth removal, lash extensions, micropigmentation (permanant makeup), scar camouflage and body wraps on face and body.

I’m starting this blog to share my knowledge and experiences about skin care, wellness and healthy lifestyle from the perspective of a licensed practicing Medical Esthetician , utilizing cosmeceuticals, natural products and herbs. I’m hoping to help people who have otherwise not found the right path to effective treatments and products to solve there skin care and beauty issues and encourage a healthy lifestyle by improving the diet, utilizing herbalism and welness therapies to find the balance of good health, wellness and beauty.

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